Diesel Welding Machines

Offshore , severe duty, skid mounted diesel 400 AMP welding units, diesel trailer mounted 300 AMP welding units, MIG Wire feed units, and Lincoln Electric 4 Pack Pro Welders

Engineered and certified skid mounted with spark arrestor, drip pan, ESD and certified lifting sling. Each unit is equipped with 100' of welding lead, rod holder and 50' of ground with ground clamp. 

Note: If welding lead or ground is damaged or not returned, a replacement cost will be charged. These units are not to be used for arc gouging. If unit is damaged due to arc gouging, renter is responsible for all repair charges.

Addition Items:

  • Welding lead 100'
  • Ground lead 50'
  • Portable Rheostat with 100' of cord
  • Pipe stands
  • MIG Guns
  • Gas Line
  • Flow Meters

Lincoln 400 AMP Diesel Unit


Skid Mounted with spark arrestor, drip pan, ESD and certified lifting sling
  •      Unit comes with 50' of ground and 100' of lead with ground clamp
  •      Dimensions: 4'4" H x 8' L x 2'9" W
  •      Weight: 3,000 lbs.
Additional Items:
  • Welding Lead 50’
  • Ground Lead 50’
  • Portable Rheostat with 50’ of cord
  • Pipe Stands

Lincoln 300 AMP Diesel Unit on Trailer


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MIG Wire Feed Box Welding Unit


MIG Wire Feed Box Welding Unit - complete with MIG gun, gas line, flow meter, liner, and pelican case.  Portable welding at it's best. Voltage-sensing, portable feeders designed to run off of arc voltage from almost any welding power source, provide extreme reliability for construction and fabrication. 

General Specifications

Title SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS, Bernard ™ BTB 300 A Gun
Cooling Air-Cooled
Input Circuit Welding Rating 425 A at 60% Duty Cycle
Portability Handle(s)
Power Source Compatibility DC
Spool Size 12 in (305 mm)
Net Height 15.5 in
Welding Power Source Type CC/CV
Net Length 21 in
Net Weight 35 lbs
Wire Feeder Type Portable
Net Width 9 in
Wire Feed Speed 50 IPM - 780 IPM
Wire Diameter Solid Wire 0.023 in 0.062 in
Flux Cored 0.03 in 0.078 in

Lincoln V350 – 4 Pack Pro Welders


Lincoln Electric’s rack systems (Model V350 4  Pack PRO) are ideal for grouping several inverter power sources in a portable industrial-grade package. The Invertec V-350 offers multi-process CV, CC, DC welding and is rated 350 AMPS, 34 VOLTS at a 60% duty cycle. It is also rated at 300 amps, 100% duty cycle. Each welding machine rental is offshore skid packaged with leads and ground. 

  Dimensions - 8' H x 4' L x  4' W

 Weight - 3500 LBS
These inverter racks are constructed of heavy gauge square tubular steel to ensure long life, yet maintain an extremely compact size.
  • One easy connection
  • Allows power sources to be connected with one primary power drop.
  • The power sources are factory installed in the rack and wired to the main power distribution panel.
  • Entire system meets National Electrical Code (NEC). 
  • Compare the best in class rated output and wide amperage range.Individual fuses 
  • Provide overcurrent protection for each power source.
  • Two overhead lifting eyes, two fork lift slots, and four heavy duty optional casters 
  • Provide ease of portability.
  • Optional Caster Kit - Available for Inverter Racks. Order K2665-1.
  • Standard length input cable 
  • Ensures the power sources can be placed in any position on the rack.
  • Units have Tweco® output connections
  • Units have a 200 amp, 600 volt, 3 phase disconnect switch
  • Units are IP23S rated