Morgan City Rentals offers multiple varieties of water blasting equipment.  Unit includes air operated feeder pump with suction hose, 100' of high pressure certified and tested hose, safety shroud, water blast gun or foot control, parts kit and air operated feeder pump with suction hose.  The parts kit includes: 1 gun kit, 4 tips (2 straight and 2 fan), 1 rupture disc, and O-ring kit. 


High pressure, Gardner Denver waterblasting units and accessories (10K - 20K psi at multiple GPM's).


  • Morgan City Rentals does not recommend any field modification to the barrel length of the "O" thrust gun.
  • Underwater waterblast gun triggers should never be tied or wedged in the open (flowing) position.
  • Make sure proper tips are used in the appropriate guns matching the flow of the unit. 
  • Use only OEM recommended rupture disc. 

Details and Specifications

10,000 PSI Unit

  • 5'9" H x 9'6" L x 4'6" W
  • 6,000 lbs

20,000 PSI Unit

  • 6'10" H x 10"L x 5'4" W
  • 8,600 lbs

20,000 PSI @ 20 GPM

  • 7'10" H x 10'3" L x 8'4" W
  • 13,000 lbs

Water Blaster Gun - Topside and "0" Thrust Underwater Blast guns

  • Rear Baffle Tube
  • Trigger Assembly Block Housing Contains Gun Kit
  • Trigger and Gun Handle
  • Kevlar Protective Safety Shroud
  • Front Barrel

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