Certified Pipe Slings


Morgan City Rentals offers an assortment of various sizes and lengths of pipe slings with storage racks designed for the transportation of tubular products. 

Pipe slings (3/4", 1") and pipe sling racks for pre-slinging tubular items for offshore shipping. 25' and 30' slings, load test certified. 

3/4" x 30' with Clip – SWL 4.1T per Sling
3/4" x 25' with Clip – SWL 4.1T per Sling

1" x 30' with Clip – SWL 7.2T per Sling
1" x 25' with Clip – SWL 7.2T per Sling

1-1/8" x 30' with Clip – SWL 9.1T per Sling

Click here for Pre-Inspection Criteria

  • All wire rope slings will be designed and manufactured to handle applied loads and verified by pre-use inspections.
  • Visually inspect pipe sling tag and sling before use
  • Identify before tightening the bundle clip, the correct bundle clip torque value (ft./lbs.)
    • Check dates on sling tags if jobs are being delayed or stored in yards for an extended period of time to mitigate any possible out of date slings.
  • All pipe slings that Morgan City Rentals supply are re-certified by load test and documented every year
  • Post sling inspection is performed each time slings are returned from a load out by Morgan City Rentals

Pipe Sling Rack

Galvanize storage racks to neatly store and secure pipe slings while not in use.


  • 3/4" Sling – Qty. 40
  • 1" Sling – Qty. 30
Diameter of Rope Number of Slings Held Dimensions of Rack
3/4" 40 8'4" L x 3'8" W x 5' H
1" 30 8'4" L x 3'8" W x 5' H

pipe-sling-bundleclipPipe slings are equipped with a Crosby G461 Bundle Clip. The Bundle Clip is utilized in a choker hitch application to maintain the shape of bundled packages after a load is placed. The Bundle Clip is attached to live line of choker hitch, but it is never to be used as a button or ferrule to carry a load in the primary load path.

Proper Configuration of Pipe Slings - Click here.