Morgan City Rentals offers  a variety of air powered tools for most of your construction, maintenance, and repair projects.


  1. Air Band Saws (4-1/2" Max) & (7" Max)
  2. Air Hacksaw with Strand (various pipe sizes)
    1. Blades - sold separately (8", 12", 16", 24", 30")
    2. Hacksaw Stand Only
  3. Air Tiger Saw (SAWZALL) - Blades Available
  4. Air Circular Skill Saw (8-1/2") -- Blades available
  5. Air Wolf Saws - Blades
  6. Air Chipper (Bit, Spring, and Retainer Sold at Rental)

Air Tiger Saw



Stroke Length 0.600 in
Power Cap. 1 hp [Max]
Cycle Rate 0 strokes/min [Min], 1800 strokes/min [Max]
Inlet Pressure 90 psig [Max]
Air Consumption 35 CFM
Noise Level 86.0 dB [Max]
Inlet Size 1/4 in (NPT)
Hose Size 3/8 in
Length 17.200 in
Handle Type Back D-Handle/Body Grip
Control Type Trigger Lock-Off, Variable Speed
Type Reciprocating Saw
Wt. 7.80 lb




Speed through tough cutting jobs.  Heavy duty bandsaws do the cutting wherever it is needed - on the job site or in the shop. These portable bandsaws cut a wide variety of materials quickly and cleanly and are available for any rental period from Morgan City Rentals.  Bandsaws capacities range from: 4-3/4" or 7-1/4" O.D.  and are available in Air, Electric or Hydraulic.


Designed for the toughest service in refineries, chemical plants, utilities, pipelines, construction, nuclear industry, and mining.

Ideal for cutting pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, I-beams, steel plate and more.

Choice of Power:
Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic

Two Cutting Capacities:
Full Size: (4-3/4" round and 4-1/2" x 4-3/4" rectangular)
Deep Throat: (7-1/4" round and 7-1/4" x 7-1/2" rectangular)

Ease of Operation:

  • Vertical orientation of the motor provides clear view of the cut.
  • Straight cutting.
  • Adjustable tracking mechanism for blade alignment.
  • Use free-hand or with a vise clamp.

Adjustable Speeds:

Variable speed motors allow the operator to adapt the cutting speed to the material. This maximizes cutting performance and blade life. For example, slower speed is better for cutting stainless steel and very hard alloys.




Power Hacksaws & Accessories with the Widder trademark of quality, and made by High Precision Incorporated, is your assurance of the finest, ruggedly designed saw units for cutting all types of pipe, tubing and structural shapes.

  • Rigid clamping system mounts saw directly on workplace.
  • Straight cuts are possible in any position, even under adverse conditions.
  • Blade speeds from 0-300 stroke per minute allow safe and efficient operation in all types of material.
  • Handles pipe up to 30" in diameter in a single clamping; larger cuts with multiple clamping.

Air Tools Available:

Air Chipper (bit, spring and retainer sold at rental)

Air Rivet Buster
     Bits, bumpers, sleeves and springs –
     Sold separately at time of rental

Air Needle Scaler
Air Deck Scaler
Scaling head – Sold separately at time of rental

Air Drill 3/8” (Bits available for Drills)
Air Drill 1/2”
Air Magnetic Drill (Hogan Bits- available)

Air Grinder (Grinding Disc & Brushes available)

Air Impact Wrench 1/2”
Air Impact Wrench 3/4”
Air Impact Wrench 1”

1” to 3-1/2” (3/4”, 1”& 1-1/2” drive)
Extensions and Swivels (3/4”, 1” & 1-1/2” drive)

Air Pavement Breakers

90# Model Bits