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Lifting Clamps and Hoists


  • Beam and plate clamps
  • Come-a-Longs: Columbus McKinnon (CM), Harrington and import - 1/2 Ton to 6 Ton (Stock)
  • Chain Hoist: Columbus McKinnon (CM), Harrington and import - 1/2 Ton to 5 Ton (Stock)


Beam and Plate Clamps:

1. Do not exceed rated capacity.
2. Never pick up a plate whose thickness is greater than or less than the range of jaw opening steciled on the clamp.
3. Do not lift more than one plate or sheet at a time.
4. Position clamps so that loads are level.
5. Plate must be fully engaged to back of clamp throat.
6. Lifts and movements shall be mad slowly, do not bouce load.
7. Never drag a plate, especially out from underneath another.
8. On locking clamps, ensure lever is moved to locked position before making lift.
9. Only vertical/horizontal clamps allow lifting to and/or from a horizontal position. Vertical clamps are for vertical lifts only.
10. Polished and finished plates may only be lifted in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Check hardness of steel allowed.
11. Do not lift plates with coatings or mill scale that prevent gripping.
12. All clamps shall be identified to include manufactrurer, safe working load (SWL) and plate thickness range.
13. Store in proper location where it is not subject to abuse.
14. Personnel shall stand clear of load.
Remove if:

Cam(s) or pad(s) are cracked
Grip teeth and pad indicate wear
Pins and linkages have excessive play or wear
Pin hoes are oblonged
Signs of structural damage to frame are evident
Chain (if equipped) shall comply with chain inspection criteria
Spring does not hold cam against pad in locked position
Width at opening is different from width at back of clamp throat
Signs of welding are evident
Rivet hole in shackle "G"-link, radius link, or connecting link become stretched or enlarged


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