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CM Bundle Clips

Additional features and benefits include:
  • Ideal for Offshore, Transfer Stations, Pipe Yards, Pipe Line Installations, Transportation, Rail Yards, Logging, Steel Mills, Construction Sites, and Oil Fields.
  • Built for the harsh environments and demanding applications.
  • Galvanized and Painted U-Bolt with rolled threads. Interchangeable and replaceable with our standard Wire Rope Clip U-Bolts.
  • Forged and Galvanized Saddles come with FORGED USA, Size, CM logo and Trace Code forged in.
  • Meets B30.26 plus traceability.
  • Performs to rated capacitiesAfter inspection, the CM Bundling Clip is reusable.
  • Available for use with 3/4", 7/8" , 1" & 1-1/8" wire rope chokers


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