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Portable Lighting

Explosion Proof Lighting

Div I / Class I
Explosion Proof Drop Lights
 (12 volt or 110 volt) (Complete with ground fault and 50 cord)

Div 1 /Class II
300 Watt Explosion Proof Flood Light

Note: Explosion proof lights and parts available, call for pricing and availability


Offshore Rated Light Towers

Engineered and Certified skid mounted with spark arrestor, drip pan, ESD and certified lifting sling.

Portable Diesel-Powered Light Towers (4 KW)

Dual 500 Watt Flood Light with 10 tripod stand



150 W LED Floodlight (Class I Div I Wide Angle)
Unit comes with stand, 100 ft. cord and explosion proof plug
150W - 120V  50/60 HZ  1.25 AMPS


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