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Hydro Static Test Equipment

Hydrostatic Test Pump and Recorders

Barton Chart Recorders

Barton Chart Recorders Models 202E, 202N, 242E
0-100 to 20,000 PSI

Barton Chart Recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure and temperature in a wide variety of applications.

Air Operated Hydro Test Pump
  • Two stage operation with test pressure up to 15,000 PSI
  • Offshore ready
  • Operates on 100 PSI air or gas pressure
  • 6 GPM/ low stage and 1/3 GPM high stage
  • Cart mounted option available at additional charge
  • Clear coat maine grade aluminum
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Total weight less than 100lbs.
  • Can be incorporated into customer designed unit

    All hydrostatic test units come with (1) section of high pressure test hose.

    All calibrated test recorders, temperature recorders, and digital units include 20 of test hose, stainless steel high-pressure adapter to ", charts test stand, calibration certificates, and shipping box.

Precision Electronic Deadweight Tester

When Vaetrix specifies the gauge accuracy to be better than 0.1% we guarantee that the total error (allowing for temperature shift) for any reading in the device's range shall not exceed 0.1% of full scale regardless. The gauge has proven itself in harsh environments under rugged handling as an accurate and dependable field survey gauge.

The gauge is designed to be used as:

A master calibration standard for the instrument department.
A traveling pressure standard for field inspectors or technicians.
A precision test device for use in industrial and research   
A precision pressure instrument for testing, setting, calibrating o


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