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Hilti BT Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Guns

BT Stainless Steel Threaded Studs *
Shank diameter 4.5 mm, sealing washer diameter 12 mm
Thread Thread Package Ordering Item no.
diameter length contents designation

M8 15 100 X-BT M8-15-6 SN12-R 377074
M10 24 100 X-BT M10-24-6 SN12-R 377078
W10 24 100 X-BT W10-24-6 SN12-R 377076

Box includes: 100 studs, 1 power regulation guide, 1 coating protector, 1 TX-BT step drill bit
* X-BT stainless steel threaded studs also available without sealing washer on request by special

TX-BT Step Drill Bits *

4 mm drill bit diameter, 7.2 mm drilling depth
Overall length Package Ordering Item no.
(mm) contents designation.

80 10 TX-BT 4/7 - 80 drill bit 377079
110 10 TX-BT 4/7 - 110 drill bit 377080
* 150 mm length bits available upon request by special order

(in magazine strips of 10)

Colour Package Ordering Item no.
code contents designation.

Brown 100 6.8/11M "high precision” brown cartridge 377204
"high precision” is a narrow energy band at a specific energy level

Features and Benefits:
Fast Fasten directly to coated/treated steel
No rework Steel corrosion protection remains intact
Versatile Works on most standard and high-strength construction steels
Secure Creates a true weld to the base material providing high holding values
Portable Eliminates need for long leads, cords

X-BT Fastening System - Fastening to coated steel in corrosion sensitive environments

Threaded stud fastening system designed for coated construction steel as thin as 8 mm (5/16”) thick without rework or through-penetration of the base steel. May also be used on uncoated steel.

Junction Boxes
Channel, Strut
Door framing
Cable/Conduit Connectors (T-Bar)
Cable Tray
Pipe hangers


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