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Diver's Hot Water Units

D.H.H. 690A - Diver's HotWater Heaters:

The DHH 690A Standard Divers' Hot Water Heaters are a solid, sturdy piece of offshore equipment designed out of necessity for simplicity and dependability to keep divers warm so they may deliver a maximum amount of work safely and comfortably.

Water Tight Plugs for Component Replacement
Heavy Duty Skids and Lifting Pads
316 Stainless Steel Submersible Pump
Galvanized Dipped
Beckett Oil Gun
Honeywell Aquastats
Designed for Complete Disassembly and Re-assembly for Cleaning and Maintenance

Height 67"Rate capacity out-put 690000 BTUH continuous
Width41"Fire Hose Size 2 1/2" X 24"
Length48"Oil Pump Sunstrand
Weight Empty 1982 lbs.Electrical Requirements 120VAC 15AMP
Weight Full 3100 lbsNozzle Size 3.0 - 5.5 GPH
Fuel Capacity59 GalGFI15 AMP
Fresh Water Capacity
165 GalHot Water Reserve25-30 minutes

High Quality Construction


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